Thursday, 28 April 2016

Perrobox Unboxing

I ordered this and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived the next day! Definitely recommend this service to any pawrents in Singapore.

If any of you guys want to order one too, click on this link! (expires 31 May 2016)
It gives you a $5 discount 😁 (PERROBOX is a subscription box service for doggies based in Singapore!)


Items in the box: (will update as i use the items)

-Alps Natural Pureness Pork Receipe sample (Made in Italy)
-Kong Tenni Toy (Made in China)
-Barking Good Cheddar and Apple Biscuit (Made in Singapore)
-Merrick Power Bites (Made in USA)
-Bella Bowls Small Cosmopolitan Pink (Made in India)
-Absolute Bites Spare Ribs

Overall, I would say that this box is worth the price I paid. However, I am still looking for a subscription box that contains no food (treats), since I make my own at home.

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Maltese gathering at Sembawang park

Went for a Maltese gathering on 16 April 2016! Unfortunately when we reached Sembawang park, it was drizzling, so we had to wait for the rain to stop.

Here are some photos and a video of that day!

The Sembawang dog run is supposed to be the largest in Singapore, however, it seems to me that its 1/3 or even a quarter of the dog run in West Coast. Very disappointing.

Our whole group!

There are NO water taps in the dog run, but the washrooms are about 2 minutes walk away with taps outside the washroom for you to wash your feet or your dog. Relatively hard to get to as this park is next to the ocean (all the way north), quite ulu. However, the rest of the park is really gorgeous, wide open field, playground, bbq pits.

I will probably not bring Skye here again as its not worth it. Spent over $50 just on taxi fare (both ways) and the dog run is tiny. Might consider coming here to take photos though!

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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Husse Pet Food

I recently purchased Husse dry cat and dog food to try out.
At their pet expo booth, I didn't check their ingredients list thoroughly. Realised that several ingredients listed are not favourable at all. Mainly "animal fat", as the animal is not named. Which means that it may include zoo animals, road kill or euthanized pets. I will probably not buy from this brand again, unless they change their ingredients.

*UPDATE* Seems like the "animal fat" they use are 'lard' or 'tallow'. You can check out for more information on that!

Check out for a more detailed breakdown of the ingredients.

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Friday, 8 April 2016

Cutting their nails

Like some pet owners, I have a hard time whenever it is time to cut their nails. We did not introduce them slowly to nail clippers when they were younger. Its always good for first time owners to research online before attempting to do something. I use nail clippers made for dogs, for Skye and nail clippers made for humans, for Luna.

For Luna, I try to cut her nails when she is sleeping. (on my table when Im using my laptop) This is the only time she will not put up a fuss. However, I can only cut one nail at a time using this method as she always wakes up after one clip. If not, I have to get my sister to hold her while I cut Luna's nails. Usually involves lots of struggling, and loose fur all over my arms when I'm done. Front paw nails are also a lot harder to cut since she struggles more when the clippers are closer to her face.

For Skye, it is impossible to get her while she is asleep as she wakes up at the slightest noise. In her case, either my mom or dad will hold her while someone else clips Skye's nails. Lots of squirming too.

I actually tried using an electric nail grinder before, but the sound was so loud and uncomfortable for Skye. She did not allow me to put that anywhere near her paws. (I think the brand was PediPaws)

Check out these websites for more information!

Lastly, NEVER EVER declaw an animal!

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