Thursday, 23 June 2016

Going to the beach for Skye's 3rd birthday!

Skye turned 3 on the 21st of June, so I decided to bring both of them to Sentosa's Tanjong beach to play and swim!!

As part of Furflr's review program, we were given the opportunity to review "PetMate", a pet taxi company. So I booked them for this outing! (We still had to pay for the fare) I placed the booking 2 days before hand, as per their instructions. The name of the driver was given within a few hours, really quick response. Whenever I had questions, I always got fast replies from their Facebook page! On the day of the outing, the driver was really punctual and arrived a few minutes before pick up time. (During both trips, to and back) He was really friendly too!

I really recommend this (PetMate) app to people who have larger pets as it can be hard to find a taxi willing to ferry larger sized pets. However, for smaller pets, it may be more worth it to just get a normal taxi as PetMate is slightly pricey. Do take note that for the first 10km, the price is fixed at $27. Maximum number of passengers is 2. If you have more people, you need to indicate the number of pax in the 'notes' section while booking.

As we were heading to Sentosa, I made sure to check with PetMate to see if there will be additional fees going into Sentosa. They told me that there were no additional charges, it was all included. However when we reached the entrance into the island, we were told by the person there that there was a $6 fee to be paid by the passenger.

After the outing when I reached home, I sent a photo of the receipt to PetMate and they were immediately apologetic about the misunderstanding with the gantry staff and said that they will give a refund! Really pleased with PetMate's quick responses! If you do go into Sentosa, take note that there is an additional fee due to the recent policy change!
For more reviews of PetMate, head over to Furflr's website-

(The ground was hot, so I had to carry both of them for the photo)

On to the video of the outing! The beach was not crowded when we went. (Around 3.30pm to 4.40pm) Glad that that was the case, because both of them do not like crowds.

We had lots of fun at the beach, will definitely want to bring both of them there again! Good to have a change of scenery every once in a while!

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