Sunday, 2 July 2017

Skye's 4th birthday!

Skye turned 4 on 21st June 2017!!!
We decided to go out as a family to two places for brunch+lunch - Wildseed Cafe and Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe.
Wildseed Cafe is located at 3 Park Lane in Seletar.

We actually arrived before their lunch menu was available (to order), so we decided to order some cakes instead. For $8, you can pick 4 of their 'petit cakes'. A reasonable price since the cakes were very delicious and were also flavour combinations I have not tried before.

The tea here was expensive though. 1 pot of tea was $8. EIGHT DOLLARS. We actually ordered 2 pots :P Earl Grey and something else. Nothing special and a little diluted.

Assorted cakes from Wildseed Cafe

Garden behind Wildseed Cafe

After eating, we walked around the small garden they had behind the cafe. We had to carry Skye as the ground was too hot, Luna was in the stroller :)

After Wildseed Cafe, we headed over to Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe.
It is located at 10 Neo Tiew Lane, D'Kranji Farm Resort, not easy to get to if you don't drive in.

We arrived just as the owners of the cafe were setting everything up, so we had to walk around the area to pass the time. (just 10 minutes :P )

The cafe is quite cosy with some indoor seatings and a larger outdoor area with more seatings available.

At Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

The cafe provides drinking water, pee pads and toys for their fur-customers, plus a mop if any accidents happen! Though I wouldn't recommend playing with the toys, not sure how hygienic that will be...

Water, pee pads and cutlery area
toys and sink area

Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe also has a pool area for furkids who want to cool off in the heat! The cafe's resident dog (puppy) kept jumping into the water :D There is also a shower and drying area next to the pool.

Temporary pool area at Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

The outdoor area is much bigger than the cafe's interior, but it might get too hot especially if you come here for lunch. There are 'patio umbrellas' at the tables, but I'm not sure if that will help. The ground will also get scalding hot at noon, so make sure you check the temperature before letting your furkids run around!

Outdoor seating area at Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe
Luna in the stroller

They have a variety of meals to choose from, including food for fur kids!! The prices are very affordable, compared to other pet-friendly cafes which charge $10-$25 for one meal. The meals came around 10-15 minutes after ordering but that was not an issue as we were busy playing at the outdoor area with Skye.

Menu at Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

Chicken and Beef for the furkids
Lasagne for the hooman

I ordered one portion of chicken and beef for Skye and Luna to share. (some of the chicken has been removed, that's why it looks much lesser compared to the beef)

For us humans, we got lasagne (x2), baked salmon, eggs benedict and some cold drinks.

The meals were a bit small for the price, but still decent. The eggs in the eggs benedict were still runny on the inside and the salmon was well cooked.

The lasagne I had was yummy and not too salty. However, it tasted like those frozen ones you would get at a supermarket. Hopefully that was not the case :o

Skye with her birthday lunch! I actually made that number "4" 'cake topper' out of the new sake Kitkat's cardboard packaging :P Worked out well!

Her birthday meal!

After our lunch, we decided to head over to the nearby Kranji Reservoir to walk around. Unfortunately for us, it started drizzling so we had to cut it short.

Hopefully Skye and Luna enjoyed the outing as much as we humans did!
I actually couldn't find Luna's harness so I could not let her out of the stroller in case my makeshift 'harness' (another collar around her waist) slips off :O Definitely have to buy a new one because it seems to have disappeared... :(

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