Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Homemade Dehydrated Treats

Made some homemade dehydrated treats for Skye and Luna!

Since Omni Frozen Food had a August promotion, I decided to purchase the meat from them instead of the supplier I used last year. (S.S.Kim) Response and delivery were prompt, will definitely consider purchasing from them again next time!

Luna seems to really like chicken necks, that was partially why I wanted to order from Omni.

* If you dehydrate raw, please make sure your dehydrator can heat up enough to kill the bacteria in the meat. *

Meat I ordered (as stated on their site) : 

Green Lipped Half Shell Mussel x 1 packet
Fresh Duck Neck x 1KG
Beef Tendon x 2KG
Beef Liver x 300g (free because of promotion)
Pig Kidney x 300g (free because of promotion)
Fresh Chicken Neck x 3KG
Chicken Fillet x 4KG
HGP Free Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless x 2KG
Pork Fillet/Tenderloin x 2KG
Chicken Leg Boneless Skinless x 4KG


Duck Neck + Beef Tendon

Beef Liver + Pig Kidney

Chicken Neck

Chicken Fillet

Pork Fillet

Chicken Leg

My dehydrator actually stopped working when I was dehydrating the tendons, ended up putting half in the oven to bake because I didn't want the meat to spoil. (I had not much space left in the fridge)

Thank God my dad and I managed to get the dehydrator working again. (the inner fan was not oiled)

Not sure why they gave me two different brands of chicken legs...

Also, I didn't realise that this part of the chicken would have so much fats :P Take note if you don't want to spend an hour trimming them off.

This is the final product!! I always store them in the freezer so they last long.

Final Products

This is what each looks like after dehydrating.
I did add apple cider vinegar to the chicken fillets, chicken legs and pork fillet. Just a cap full in a bowl of water to dilute it. (Please make sure your furkid has no reactions to ACV if you are adding it to their treats)

Steps (I take) for making treats:
- Cut the meat into bite-sized pieces (or however big you want it to be)
- Dip the slices into a bowl of diluted apple cider vinegar
- Arrange the slices onto the dehydrator tray
- Dehydrate for a few hours (depends on the meat and your machine settings)
- Store in an airtight bag (include a silica gel packet or store in the fridge/freezer if necessary)

Individual Labelled
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