Thursday, 22 February 2018

Luna's 3rd Birthday/Adoptionversary!!

Firstly, HAPPY 2018 to all our readers!! Hope you guys had a great new year's day &/or Chinese New Year celebration!

Luna turned 3 on 17 Feb. I have been wanting to try out something I saw on Junskitchen, and what better time to do it than on her birthday?

Decided to simplify the recipe since I'm an amateur :P Used chicken thigh and salmon.

*as Jun mentioned, before making home-cooked food for your pet, do RESEARCH!*

1. Wash the meat
2. Cook the meat (I decided to boil the chicken and steam the salmon. Also cut a small slice of salmon and fried it, for decoration at the end)
3. Chop it up into tiny pieces

(LEFT) Chicken | (RIGHT) Salmon

4. Stuff the meat into the mold and make sure to pack it in tightly so it will hold the shape better (I filled the bottom half with salmon, top half with chicken)

5. Slowly remove the mold from the meat
6. Add the toppings (in my case, the salmon piece I previously fried and the "3" topper)


*This is NOT a sponsored post*