Thursday, 12 May 2016

Trying out Primal Freeze Dried Formula ( Cat and Dog food) recently reached out to us to test out Primal's Freeze Dried Nuggets as part of their new project to get honest reviews by pet parents, for pet parents! All opinions are 100% honest! 

Really excited when Furflr chose us to be one of the reviewers!
I gave both Skye and Luna one nugget first, just to see if they like it.
Skye LOVES it. As seen in the video, she finished her nugget within a minute!
Luna took a little longer, as she is not used to food with a 'mushy' consistency.

The nuggets have NO smell, which is awesome!! Some pet food I have bought before had a really strong and unpleasant smell which I don't really prefer. (Of course Skye and Luna would not mind that! )
Preparation is really easy too! Just soak in water and wait for it to soften before mashing it up to make it easier for your pet to eat. The nuggets are really light too, which makes it easy to bring out on outings!

Im really impressed with the ingredients in this. It is hard to find good quality pet food these days. Primal is made in USA, first few ingredients are all meat! No by-products or meals.

I would suggest checking this page out too, for a more detailed breakdown of the ingredients!

Although the quality of this product is one of the best out there, it is still too expensive for us (compared to the brand we are currently using) to get unless there is a huge discount.

Definitely recommend this to all pawrents to let their furkids try!
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*All opinions are my own*