Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Trying out Stewart's Freeze Dried Turkey Liver Treats recently chose us to test out Stewart's Freeze Dried Turkey Liver Treats as part of their new project to get honest reviews by pet parents, for pet parents! All opinions are 100% honest!

First impressions, love the packaging!! Looks really presentable.
The treats are in lightweight small bite size pieces too, good for small dogs/cats to enjoy!
Was impressed that this treat contains only ONE ingredient! (Turkey Liver)
With regards to the smell of the treats, it has a slight woody/herbal scent to me. My sister feels that it smells like cardboard.
Careful when the treat is wet (with saliva), it becomes very sticky and the stickiness can't be fully washed off even with soap.

Price-wise, it is affordable since there are about 50 pieces per tub.

Now for the tasting.

Skye gives it 10/10! She gobbled it up really quickly.
Luna gives it 1/10, she only licked and then ignored it.

I won't consider buying this since only one of them enjoys the treats but I definitely recommend this to other pawrents as it is hard to find treats that are healthy and natural.

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*All opinions are my own*